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State Regulatory Information

Dear Parents,

Here you will find a copy of our most recent inspection findings from the Maryland State Department of Education Office of Childcare. In addition to those findings, we have included images of pertinent communication related to recent changes in their regulation of lunches brought from home. We feel it’s important for parents to have all the information available when making decisions that affect their child, and would encourage you, when shopping for school programs to request these records of¬† schools. We’d further suggest you request clarification from schools regarding inspection results, because as you can see from the below, the limitations of the state’s online reporting system result in inspection results that lack specific information helpful to parents. There are many exceptional preschool programs in Montgomery County in particular so if we are unable to serve your family we are happy to refer you to other excellent programs. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. 301-588-3866.

 Online Summary of Recent Inspections (2013)

Detailed Inspection Checklist Page 1 (12/2013)

Detailed Inspection Checklist Page 2 (12/2013)

Detailed Inspection Checklist Page 3 (12/2013)

Summary of Inspection Page 1 (12/2013)

Summary of Inspection Page 2 (12/2013)