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History and Location

Saint Luke Lutheran Church first received a license for a Christian nursery school for four-year-olds in 1957. On April 2, 1957, the Congregation Council of Saint Luke Church authorized the establishment of a weekday Christian nursery program as an educational ministry to the community. Twenty-one students received instruction that year.

The First Graduating ClassIn 1964 the name of the school changed to Saint Luke Christian Day School.  Enrollment had increased to more than 60 four-year-olds with a staff of five teachers.

The school has operated continuously since 1957, and since 1994 has operated a Maryland State Department of Education approved pre-kindergarten program, gradually expanding to an enrollment capacity of 170 across ages two to four. In that time the school has developed a program that not only offers Christian love and acceptance, but has provided a solid early childhood educational foundation for generations of children as they’ve entered kindergarten in Montgomery County and elsewhere. In fact, the school is proud that we now serve the second and third generations of some Silver Spring families.

Church membership has never been a requirement for admission to Saint Luke and all are welcomed warmly to our school.