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Daily Schedule

A typical day at Saint Luke includes welcoming time at arrival; curriculum-based free play*; snack and/or lunch time; circle time for literature, math or science; outdoor play(weather permitting) or indoor gross/large motor activities in our large indoor play space.

Weekly special activities for the three-year-old and Pre-K students include an organized music program and weekly chapel.

Science for Pre-K includes weekly interactive science demonstrations and a school-home cooperative program called “Scientist of the Week” all developed by our Science Coordinator in concert with our Pre-K teaching team.

Field trips, community visitors and seasonal school-wide special events are part of the Saint Luke experience.

*daily classroom centers are structured around a particular curricular theme or goal each day and often include science, math, writing,  puzzles and games, blocks, housekeeping and dress up (dramatic play), reading, free-choice art, an organized art or handicraft, sensory tables, vehicles and things that go, and much more.